Win A Year Supply Of Volcom Clothing!

Thanks to everyone for all the great entries!!! We have a winner!!!

Congratulations to Edwin Rodriguez!!


Win a year supply of Volcom clothing and your very own Volcom shirt that you design! All you have to do is simply click HERE or on the picture below for the template and official rules. All entries must be submitted to contest@hbsurfshop.com or you can print out your design and mail it to:

network 12087 Mira Loma, CA 91752 Attn: SIAM

Good Luck!!


Shop all Volcom here:


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  1. carl says:


  2. carl says:

    good luck…………..

  3. alex howard says:

    annnnnnyyyyyy min now….

  4. alex howard says:

    is it just me or is time funny over at the casa de volcom?

  5. siam says:

    i know i know… trust me…i’ve been bugging them constantly.

  6. anonymous says:

    Well, thanks for your persistence. But still…….(directed at Volcom)—> they’ve been “bugging” us constantly by not giving ANY info or updates.

  7. Shawn Levon says:

    I read an earier Volcom Blog when they did a previous Design ur TEE contest and the winner Bloged that it took close to 6 freakin months until they annouced the winner! I totally hope it dosent take that long! Man this is stressful! At this point i dont care if i win or not! I JUST wanna know!!! haha

  8. Shawn says:

    Whats the Deal?? Has anybody heard anything from Volcom? Ive been waiting for Dayz! At least Volcom could say, “We’re still trying to decide!”, or something to let us know!? this silence is hella killing me!!!!!

  9. Gilbert Medina says:

    I don’t know why all you guys are getting mad and inpatciate I already won this thing hahaha

  10. Gilbert Medina says:

    Is there more then 1 winner?

  11. umm when will i receive my stuff and how .. am i missing anything?

  12. siam says:

    (edwin)check yer email homie… i sent you the info..

    (gilbert) there is only one winner.

    (shawn) they picked a winner yesterday. it’s on the post and on facebook

  13. Gilbert Medina says:

    Cool I thought I saw something about top 5 on the form!

    But congrats Edwin!

  14. i didnt receive the email will u mind send it again please.
    thank you

  15. or can we just contact each other on this ?

  16. Or can we just contact each other on this?

  17. siam says:

    (Gilbert^)ya it is the top 5 people.. only 1st place won a years supply of clothing… the other top 4 just win some Volcom stuff. They have all the entries…they’re letting the other top 4 people know…

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