Win A Year Supply Of Volcom Clothing!

Thanks to everyone for all the great entries!!! We have a winner!!!

Congratulations to Edwin Rodriguez!!


Win a year supply of Volcom clothing and your very own Volcom shirt that you design! All you have to do is simply click HERE or on the picture below for the template and official rules. All entries must be submitted to contest@hbsurfshop.com or you can print out your design and mail it to:

network 12087 Mira Loma, CA 91752 Attn: SIAM

Good Luck!!


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  1. carlos salazar says:


  2. sabas says:

    can we use programs like Adobe Illustrator to create our designs or does it have to be drawn on the actual physical piece of paper?

  3. siam says:

    (sabas)… yep. you can use illustrator. You can even print it out, draw on it, and mail it in… whatever and however you like man!!

  4. jlav5 says:

    Dope! This **** sounds rad yall

  5. evan flores says:

    how many desighns? can we enter!!???

  6. siam says:

    you can enter as many as you’d like!! keep ‘em coming…

  7. Gilbert Medina says:

    Hey Siam I just sent you a packet of about 12 designs and 1 big design let me know when you get it and what you think of them… I’ll be sending more in! Thanks

  8. siam says:

    ok…i will. Thanks man!!

  9. Gilbert Medina says:

    Hey just wondering if you’ve received my packet yet

  10. Gilbert Medina says:

    Hey I just saw that the address on top doesn’t have a street. I sent it to that address.. Just wondering if you have received it? Email me back

  11. rudy tejeda says:

    if i lose can i still get my design on shirt from you guys??

  12. siam says:

    hey Gilbert… ya, i got your drawings in the mail…thanks man!!!

  13. Gilbert Medina says:

    Siam, cool man I just sent you some more yesterday! Hope you guys like them!

  14. Ronaldo Alvarez says:

    wat up siam, just wondering if you recieved my drawings yet

  15. chris goh says:

    hey siam, can you send in multiple different versions of a design? just wondering and thanks!

  16. siam says:

    chris… ya you can send in as many as you’d like…

  17. edwin says:

    hey did you guys get my skate anchor design

  18. Gilbert Medina says:

    Hey what’s up Siam, just sent you some more drawings let me know when you get them

  19. siam says:

    got em’!!

  20. Andrey Shulyak says:

    how can i design this t shirt and where?

  21. Ronaldo Alvarez says:

    wat up, its me again just wondering if my drawings have arrived yet.

  22. siam says:

    yep yep…got em’!

  23. jose becerra says:

    did u get my shirt design?

  24. Ronaldo Alvarez says:

    fo sho thanks man

  25. Gilbert Medina says:

    Just sent some more tell me when you get them

  26. siam says:

    got ‘em man…thanks a lot!!

  27. Gilbert Medina says:

    Question how and when will we know who won the contest?

  28. siam says:

    Gilbert… The contest ends on the 30th of June… then i’ll send all the entries to Volcom and they’ll pick their favorite one and then let me know…and then i’ll get a hold of you. Either by email or phone…

  29. Gilbert Medina says:

    Cool man thanks for the details… Hope they like my stuff super hyped about it!

  30. sssssteven says:

    hey I cant get the file to download so Im just gonna use a basic t-shirt template from google is that cool?

  31. aryeh avila says:

    Have you received my drawings yet ?

  32. Doug says:

    Do the designs need to be received by 6/30 or postmarked by 6/30?

  33. siam says:

    aryeh…i did get your drawings. and doug, you can just send ‘em in…they don’t need to be postmarked by the 30th… it’s all good!

  34. evan flo says:

    SIAM, is it cool to email the desighns in on the 30th?

  35. siam says:

    totally fine! i’ll be turning them into volcom on tuesday…so you got all weekend.

  36. alex howard says:

    hey siam, turned in a packet of pictures. some old odd ideas i had laying around in some stax of sketch books, hope you guys can use em

  37. steven says:

    hey siam,
    i was wondering if you were going to announce the winner in this website

  38. siam says:

    ya for sure! as soon as volcom picks one and lets me know, i’ll let you guys know…

  39. fastflash says:

    Hey, wanted to know if you received my designs I sent through email and if my info was able to be attached to my previous entries. sent them from an email similar to the username,

  40. siam says:

    i don’t think so…send them again just to be sure

  41. fastflash says:

    Alright I sent them to contest@hbsurfshop.com again, let me know if I should send them somewhere else instead.

  42. Shawn says:

    Just wanted to know if u got my Designs in the mail??? Mailed them on June 26th! Hope i wasnt too late????

  43. Shawn Levon says:

    Also, (SIAM), my lame old Apple iBook wouldnt let me print/download the template!!!! So i just Priority Mailed them to you on June 26th! Had to just Draw the designs on Blank Printer paper! I hope that is OK and let me know if you got them and if they got entered in time???? thx

  44. Tayzer says:

    Stoked to see who won this, contests are always the best way to bring out some dope design work.

  45. siam says:

    still waitin on Volcom to let me know…should be next week!!

  46. Gilbert Medina says:

    How would we know who won are you gonna post it on here?

  47. siam says:

    ya…i’ll post it on the volcom contest blog.

  48. alex howard says:

    this anticipation is killer…

  49. Gilbert Medina says:

    I hope we find out today or sometime this week!!

  50. Shawn Levon says:

    I take it no ones heard anything yet?

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