Ask The Pros with Leo Romero

Thanks for the questions! We will be filming the answers on Thursday April 7th… STAY TUNED!!

If you’ve seen the new Thrasher mag, then you probably read all the interesting questions all the Pro’s got to ask Leo Romero

Well, we figured you guys probably got some interesting questions of your own! So here’s your chance… ask Leo anything you want! His favorite question will win some cool RVCA clothing!

All questions must be submitted by March 31st.


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  1. alan garcia says:

    have you ever rolled your ankle with the laced?

  2. If you had to choose between the tempster, phelps, jimmy the rvca manager or jetski, who would you vote for, if they postulated for president on the next presidential elections in the U.S?

  3. Brett says:

    How long did it take you to grow a mustache?

  4. Juan Hernandez says:

    ¿Quieres que la gran chorizo ??burrito en mis pantalones

  5. PAulo Tanabe says:

    Dude Leo! is it cause your mexican that you can crook up handrails?

  6. Aaron says:

    Do you sometimes rather take a slam then actually get the trick ?

  7. Aaron says:

    Were you, no how drunk were you when you did that kariokie thing for that web clip for thrasher, Leo for American Idol !!

  8. Aaron says:

    Have you ever worried you may split a hole in your pants when you grind up rails ?

  9. Aaron says:

    What are the lyrics for that song you did about how getting the year’s best am insn’t as cool as skater of the year ?

  10. Kevin Martinez says:

    Did you really find your inner wetback??

  11. santino says:

    Hey Leo! What goes through your mind when you are doing all this big stuff like handrails or gaps? And how do you ride your trucks? Loose or thight?

  12. Ryan McG says:

    I’ve watched you rip in “Kids in Emerica” and “That’s Life” when I was growing up. What do you think has changed most in your life since those parts?

  13. Abraham Montalvo says:


  14. Josh says:

    Marry, ****, or Kill.
    Marc Bolan, Bowie, and Lou Reed?

  15. Abraham Montalvo says:

    Did you get to graduate from high school? Or was skating more of a main thing for you at the time?

  16. Gibson says:

    Hi Leo . What size you have desk ? what do you do that you have such nice hair ??? :D

  17. Jacob says:

    whats the funnest time you had with Andrew Reynolds?

  18. Joey Broski says:

    Hey I’m on Emerica Joey Broski y don’t you ever respond to the emerica rants

  19. Joey Broski says:

    Why did you change from Baker to Toy Machine what did you like so much about toy machine that wasn’t in Baker ?Thank you

  20. israel says:

    leo por que no has vuelto a mexico?

  21. Aaron Ramos says:

    Do you like Squirrels???

  22. jake g. says:

    lemme win all ur rvca sh*t and ill let you kiss my sister. deal or no deal vato?

  23. palmer says:

    2 eyes, 2 ears, a chin, a mouth,10 fingers, 2 nipples, a butt, 2 kneecaps, a *****…. i have just described to you the loch ness monster,and the reward for its capture….all the riches in scotland. so i have one question for you… why do you waste your time skatboarding???

  24. kirby says:

    will you please give a shout out saying ” richie nash… your a poser”

  25. AJ says:

    what’s the strangest place you ever took a dump?

    and props for SOTY!!
    may the stache be with you

  26. Berns says:

    You are definitely one of the best skaters out there and I got only one question for you.
    Do you like fish tacos Baja style?

  27. vicente says:

    what kinda beer do you enjoy the most?

  28. Michael Sanchez says:

    How rad was it meeting Hulk Hogan?!

  29. Jason Alvarez says:

    I heard you and Spanky have your own room for tours and weird sounds always come out of the room What are you guys doing in there?

  30. Jeremy Eikenberry says:

    hey Leo, do you feel like a skatestar?

  31. Shelton says:

    yo leo, hows ur burger store holdin up in this hard economy?? hahaha was it rad growin up ridin for pharmacy?

  32. Coug says:

    I believe it was the HD nightster you ride if I’m not mistaken, what are pros and cons about that bike and what other ones are there you may be interested in the future or any modifications you’d like to make?

  33. timothy perez says:

    Whats so unique about skateboarding to you? What kept your fire burning and kept you going for the prize?

  34. Robert Veres says:

    if you could choose a weird country to skate in, what country would it be?

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