Wishful Thinking Holiday Contest

How would you like to win $250 worth of anything you want? It’s easy. Just follow these simple rules to enter our Wishful Thinking Holiday Contest:

  1. Watch the video.
  2. Click the image below.
  3. Follow the simple instructions
  4. Win!


1 winners will be picked every Monday starting November 28th - December 26th. Good Luck!!

Nov. 28th Winner is MIKE TROCHACK!

Dec. 5th Winner is LOUIS HAFKER!

Dec. 12th Winner is ALDON REYES!!!

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  1. R0n says:

    Sick as Vid!!!!

  2. Nick says:

    what happen if you pass the limit of 250$ btw this is so sick from active

  3. siam says:

    (nick) no worries… just send it in and if you get picked you can slim it down…

  4. John says:

    Can we send in more thank one wishlist?

  5. John says:


  6. brandon says:

    how do yousee if tou won??

  7. brandon says:

    how do you see if you won???

  8. Scott Larock says:

    We will notify you if you won & be posting the winners here

  9. Scott Larock says:

    Send as many wishlists as you like :)

  10. Derek says:

    so sick! I only need one wishlist! active rocks, thanks for your legit mission valley location, I may drop by there soon to buy some hardware!

  11. Kevin S says:

    This is a dope giveaway! And your socks are comfortable AF!

  12. brandon says:


  13. brandon says:

    what if you enter [send your wishlist to active 3 times??] will you still pick them?

  14. Michael says:

    i hope i win :] i need new shoes lol

  15. siam says:

    brandon… it’s just picked randomly..but you can enter as many times as you like! :)

  16. brandon says:

    so on the 26 youll pick onther since its wen.s that day? And are you picking world wide?

  17. siam says:

    every Monday from now until the 26th of December. we can’t ship worldwide…sorry.

  18. kenny says:

    if i dont win….do i have to make another wishlist or is that one still available?

  19. brandon says:

    so its just in clifornia? if yeah thats great because i live in long beach california

  20. siam says:

    no…it’s in the US and Canada… We just can’t ship internationally..

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